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We connect with energy

We enable energy producers and consumers to benefit from the green transformation by maximising profits or savings. We do this by using artificial intelligence to efficiently manage the aggregated resources of a virtual power plant across multiple markets simultaneously.

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The most advanced system

With the Lerta VPP, producers can easily connect to the energy market and sell the electricity they generate at favourable wholesale market prices.
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A globally recognised brand

Lerta VPP is one of the 5 largest energy aggregators in the world. We are already present in the Polish, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian energy markets.
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Green energy management

Lerta VPP can handle green energy generated by all types power plants. We can generate significantly higher revenues than the prices of current Hungarian support schemes.
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One of the world's most modern companies

Lerta is an energy company providing first-class energy products and services.

Lerta Virtual Power Plant has been ranked among the TOP 5 global energy solutions and the company has been recognized by experts from Silicon Valley as one of the top 30 technology companies in the world in the energy sector.

We are supported by Photon Energy, a global player in the photovoltaic market, which manages photovoltaic installations and farms in Australia, Europe and South America.

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Photon Energy

Green energy trading

Photon Energy Group has decided to take advantage of the current market conditions and sell the electricity generated by its newest solar power plant in Hungary on the market without subsidies. At market-based prices, through a PPA contract, Lerta Energy will provide Photon Energy with access to next-day market prices while keeping costs at competitive levels.

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We are in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary