We connect with energy

We enable energy generators and consumers to benefit from the green transition by maximising profits or savings. We achieve this by efficiently managing the aggregated resources of a virtual power plant in several markets simultaneously, based on artificial intelligence.

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Our mission

We want everyone to live in a world powered by 100% renewables. We want to achieve this by becoming the world's largest energy company without its own generation assets.
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Our vision

By managing renewable energy in a new, decentralised energy market, we are allowing it to flow freely between market participants.
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Our responsibility

Lerta contributes to a zero carbon economy by increasing the share of RES in the energy mix. This is achieved by making the grid more flexible and opening the market to all.
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One of the world's most modern companies

Lerta is an energy company providing first-class energy products and services.

Lerta Virtual Power Plant has been ranked among the TOP 5 global energy solutions and the company has been recognized by experts from Silicon Valley as one of the top 30 technology companies in the world in the energy sector.

We are supported by Photon Energy, a global player in the photovoltaic market, which manages photovoltaic installations and farms in Australia, Europe and South America.

Awards and accelerations

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Our business

Lerta aggregates and manages power plants and other sources of energy and flexibility, such as industrial or commercial facilities with controlled loads or generation behind the meter. Our technology makes it easy for us to manage thousands of small resources, such as solar PV or backup generators on farms or small businesses. The aggregated pool of energy and flexibility helps system operators balance the market and maintain grid stability.

Lerta. Borys Tomala. CEO i współzałożyciel


A better world through technology

The shift away from carbon-intensive technologies is a step towards a better, cleaner, renewable energy-powered world. We know how to amplify and accelerate this process and how to build a global and sustainable business on it. The success of the Lerta Virtual Power Plant, including a tenfold year-on-year increase in DSR capacity, confirms the global need for energy flexibility and the ability to control it in real time. The steep price spikes and balancing costs that rocked the world last year are a great opportunity for us, which we are pursuing through expansion into new markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Our proprietary technology, access to a licensed market and strategic partnership with Photon Energy Group position us perfectly in the new energy landscape.

Borys Tomala
Co-founder and Lerta CEO

This is how we realize the vision

We work with all participants in the energy market


We are in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary

Our values

This is what we believe in and what we are guided by

We care about the planet

We care about the climate and the planet’s resources. The energy we supply comes from 100% RES, our solutions reduce smog and the carbon footprint of businesses.

We believe that energy efficiency provides low-priced energy

We help to modernise energy installations and thus save on the operation and maintenance of buildings through a proprietary energy management system.

We believe that real-time balancing will ensure energy stability for Poland

We believe that the future of energy is a diverse energy mix balanced in real time, which will ensure security of energy supply and prevent its interruptions. The virtual power plant we have created automatically manages the resources of energy suppliers and the consumption of energy consumers in such a way that at any moment of the day each entity connected to it receives as much energy as it needs to function efficiently.

We believe in a work-life and self-development balance

We believe that a good atmosphere and trust results in better work and increased happiness for each team member. That’s why we care about relationships, not just the bottom line.

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