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Support energy security and earn money

DSR is a capacity market tool in which you receive guaranteed remuneration for readiness to reduce your power consumption when appealed

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No start fees!

As a certified DSR aggregator, Lerta does not charge any fees for joining the DSR programme.
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Capacity Fee module free of charge

We add a Capacity Fee module to every DSR contract. You can reduce the fee up to 83%.

No penalties for failed reduction!

We have confidence in our technology and therefore take full responsibility for the success of the reduction to the PSE.

Seize the opportunity for additional revenue. Watch the video and learn what DSR is.

DSR with Lerta is:

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Additional revenue

Our expert knowledge and Lerta Virtual Power Plant software allow a convenient participation in DSR programme as well as maximisation of revenue.
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No penalties for unsuccessful reduction

Participation in DSR programme with Lerta does not involve any financial penalties.
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Access to energy consumption data

Knowing how energy is consumed allows better planning of savings, cost calculations, and set schedules of investments increasing energy efficiency.
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Durable income for years

DSR contract is concluded for four year with possibility of renewal.

Due to participation in the DSR programme, you support Poland's energy security

marcin sajkiewicz

Marcin Sajkiewicz

Sales Manager, Industry Poland

Do you have any questions about DSR?

I manage the work of experts across the country. I’m willing to talk about integration with Lerta’s Virtual Power Plant, which will facilitate i.a. to benefit of Capacity Market, including participation in DSR programme. I will advise how to make use of our services to reduce energy consumption and save considerable amount of money.

Combine DSR with other business services

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zakład produkcyjny z lotu ptaka

Cerrad is one of the largest European tile manufacturers. Since 2021, three production units in Poland participate with the Lerta Virtual Power Plant in a DSR programme with a total declared capacity of 1.6 MW, what significantly compensates for the increase in energy costs.


factories participating in the DSR programme

0 MW

power declared in DSR

How to implement the call for reduction?

  1. For the time of reduction, you can switch off unnecessary lighting or control, e.g., temperature in order to consume less energy without negative impact on the comfort of work.

  2. Turn off energy-consuming equipment for the time of reduction by taking advantage of the break for inspection and maintenance.

  1. If possible, plan the production so that the most energy is consumed during off-peak hours.

  2. It is a great idea to use backup generators, energy, heat or cooling storage systems or photovoltaic installations in order to lower the power consumption from electrical network during System Stress Event

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