Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Attractive prices for years

Lerta offers cooperation in the formula of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) to the green energy generators who own production sources or plan to launch them.

A PPA for energy offtake (optionally with Guarantees of Origin) is usually a short or medium-term contract where commercial parameters are negotiated according to the current market conditions.

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mekh adatszolgáltatás

Fixed energy prices

A multi-year contract enables independence from the risk of fluctuations in electricity prices and facilitates obtaining investment funds.
kiegyenlítő energia kockázat vállalás

Stable source of income

The PPA provides a permanent source of income for RES energy producers and broadens investment opportunities in this industry.
ikonka 100% zielonej energii

Guarantee of energy collection

You don't have to worry about energy collection, even in periods of reduced demand or oversupply. We find customers for your energy.

Advantages of PPA contracts

  1. Allows Generators to secure a fixed energy price or use the currently high market prices based on the Day-Ahead Market Prices (DAM) on the Power Exchange.

  2. Gives the possibility of flexible power contract agreements - fixed price, variable price or a mix of these variants.

  3. Variable prices based on power exchange indices allow the Generator to settle production at actual market prices and, with an acceptable level of risk, benefit from current upward trends in energy prices.

Szabó Máté

Szabó Máté

Power Originator


Questions about PPAs?

Contact our expert on this subject. You will get comprehensive information, including what type of contract will be most beneficial for you, what to do to sell energy thanks to PPA and much more.


Long-term power sales agreements between the Generator and the End User with the support of Lerta as Aggregator.

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The producer's RES installation is located in the immediate vicinity of the consumer. Energy from the installation is directly supplied to the customer's internal grid.
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Transmission of electricity from the RES installation to the consumer takes place via the grid operator's transmission network.
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Near site

The RES installation is located close to the installation of the energy consumer. The electricity from the installation is transmitted through a dedicated transmission line.
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Virtual PPA (VcPPA)

VcPPAs separate the physical flow of electricity from the financial flow and thus allow even more flexible contractual arrangements.

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