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Lerta Virtual Power Plant

500 000 PLN for your company

We enable all entities to benefit from the green transformation. Under a four-year agreement with Lerta Virtual Power Plant, you will earn as much as 500k PLN per MW of available capacity.

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ikonka 100% zielonej energii

Green energy trading

We sell and buy back surplus energy at favorable prices. The energy bought from us is 100% green.
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Capacity Market and DSR

You earn money by being ready to reduce power consumption as well as support the country's energy security.
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Photovoltaic systems

Produce and store your own energy. Take advantage of prosumer billing regulations to increase benefits.
ikonka zarzadzanie energia

Energy management

Lerta Energy Intelligence provides data on energy flows and saves up to 83% of the capacity fee.

The complete system for earning energy

Lerta Virtual Power Plant is an advanced software that connects green energy generators of any kind (wind, hydro, solar, biogas, etc.), energy storage facilities and consumers into a single system that maximises the revenue of its participants. It comprises four main components. Each of them works independently, but it is best to combine them all, creating a synergy effect that enhances the benefits provided by each module individually.

  1. Green energy trading

    We are a participant in the Energy Market and can therefore offer green energy directly from local generators at favourable fixed or variable prices.

  2. Capacity market and DSR

    We are an aggregator in the Capacity Market and thus provide access to entities for which it is normally unavailable. With Lerta, you can make money from your willingness to reduce off-take and your own sources.

  3. Photovoltaic systems

    Our systems are designed to produce energy longer in a day than standard maximum yield oriented installations. Energy storage allows you to use the power produced when the installation is not working, and the Lerta Virtual Power Plant gives you the opportunity to earn extra money on the Capacity Market and Energy Market.

  4. Energy management system

    Lerta Energy Intelligence provides knowledge of where energy is consumed, optimises energy flows to reduce its demand as much as possible, and allocates surplus energy produced to sales or profits in the DSR programme.

Lerta in numbers

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0 .2 MW

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