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About Lerta

Lerta develops modern energy services. The company helps energy consumers and generators to efficiently manage their energy production and consumption and, through automation of supply and demand control, further monetise the ability to adjust asset operation to market requirements in real time. Lerta's operations help minimise carbon footprint, increase green energy production and protect the planet.

Lerta's Virtual Power Plant has been ranked in the TOP 5 of global energy solutions, and the company has been recognised by Silicon Valley experts as one of the world's top 30 technology companies in the energy sector.

From 2019. Lerta is one of the DSR aggregators operating on the Polish market and the only one independent from state-owned energy groups. In 2020. The company acquired Power Block, a competitive aggregator with contracts on the Power Market, and WSE-listed Photon Energy Group joined the group of investors. Since 2021. The Company is authorised to trade electricity in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

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