Photovoltaic systems

A solar power plant with an opportunity to storage energy provides you with possibility of an additional income. In addition to cheap energy, you will have the opportunity to buy energy or sell your surplus at the time of the most affordable prices.

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Lease with 0% own deposit

0 PLN at the start and no payment for the first three months. The money stays in the company for your other needs
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Lerta Diagnostics

A unique package of services that will keep your installation in good shape for years to come.
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Attractive buy-back prices

Connect your installation to the Lerta Virtual Power Plant and gain favourable buy-back prices for energy.

Discover our photovoltaic system

Today, it’s more important to know when you can use the electricity than how much you produce. That’s why we designed a system that allows you to produce and store energy from the sun, so that you can use it even when the installation is not working, or sell the surplus at the best price.

The system includes:

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Photovoltaic installation

Built with the best components, designed to produce the optimum amount of energy longer in a day than standard installations.
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Control Application

An integral part of the system is a control application that allows not only the monitoring of production, but also the management of stored energy.
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Energy storage systems

They store the energy so that it can be used when the installation is not producing enough power, or sold at a more favourable price.
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Lerta Virtual Power Plant

By connecting to it, you gain the opportunity to sell and buy energy at more favourable prices and access to the Power Market with the possibility of earning in the DSR programme.
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Lease with 0% of own deposit and do not pay for the first three months

LEASING 0% down payment is a special offer for photovoltaics for entrepreneurs created by Lerta and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions.

With this offer, you save twice:

  • money, which you would have had to pay for own deposit, stays within the company,
  • the lease instalments are paid mostly from energy savings.

0% leasing for photovoltaic is:

  • 0% own deposit,
  • 0 PLN instalment for the first three months,
  • 0 PLN handling fee,
  • leasing period from 48 to 84 months,
  • monthly or quarterly instalments,
  • installation on the client’s property as well as foreign property,
  • installation leasing on buildings and ground,
  • installation insurance included in the instalment,

Filip Lewandowski

Head of Sales for photovoltaic systems.

Questions about photovoltaics?

I manage the work of advisors all over Poland. I will be happy to discuss the optimal choice of photovoltaic system for your company, forms of financing and integration with other Lerta Virtual Power Plant services to maximise your profits.

Combine photovoltaics with other Lerta's services

Reduce your company's energy costs. Buy cheap, green energy. You'll save money and minimise your carbon footprint.
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Earn money on the Power Market for your willingness to reduce energy consumption on call. Support the energy security of Poland.
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With Lerta Energy Intelligence, you'll learn how your business uses energy and intelligent algorithms will save you up to 41% on your bills.
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What do you gain with our photovoltaic system?

Fast service and replacement inverter during repair

In the event of failure of solar installations, we ensure that service steps are taken within 24 hours. We also offer a replacement inverter for the duration of the repair.

Certified, experienced designers

We always provide a tailor-made design by certified designers with many years of experience gained in Poland and the UK. We include all aspects of the installation, i.e. components, cabling, control and measurement devices, fire protection, possible optimisers if the installation will be subject to partial shading.

Energy needs audit included in the price

Each order is treated individually, we design on the basis of an audit which determines the size of the installation which is the most suitable for the current and planned needs of the customer, which orientation in relation to the directions of the world will be the most beneficial, which components will allow to obtain the highest possible efficiency of the place of installation (on the roof or ground).

Top quality components

We use proven, state-of-the-art components that offer increased performance, are more resistant to weather, increased dust, time and do not compromise on safety.

Qualified fitters. Inspection with thermal imaging camera.

We follow procedures which are higher than those required by law with regard to safety, installation and fire regulations. Installations above 40 kWp are optionally examined with a thermal imaging camera in order to detect any possible imperfections in modules or electrical connections.

Installation in 30 days from signing the contract

We want you to start making money from solar energy as soon as possible, so we guarantee installation within 30 days of signing the contract

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