Solinteg Awards Photon Energy for Outstanding Partnership

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Solinteg, a leading provider of advanced solar inverters and energy storage solutions, has recognised Photon Energy as an exceptional distributor and key partner, whose business activities and commitment to delivering high quality services have contributed significantly to the strengthening of the Solinteg brand in the Czech market.

The Outstanding Distributor 2023 award, which Solinteg bestows on its significant partners, was received by Photon Energy representatives during a ceremony held at the state-of-the-art Solinteg laboratory in Brno.

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Solinteg Solar Inverters

Photon Energy has been the authorised wholesale distributor of the Solinteg brand since its entry into the Czech market.

In our e-shop you can find an array of hybrid inverters with outputs ranging from 4 kWp up to 50 kWp. Notably, Solinteg is the first brand on the market to offer a 50 kWp hybrid inverter.

Solinteg solar inverters are fully compatible with Dyness and Pylontech batteries, which you can also find in our portfolio. 

Customer Support and Industry Education

Our partnership with Solinteg goes beyond mere product distribution. At Photon Energy, we prioritize providing comprehensive customer support, a commitment that spans across our entire product portfolio.

In collaboration with Solinteg, we host workshops for PV installation companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, equipping their personnel with the skills needed to harness the full potential of Solinteg's technologies. Our goal is to empower these companies to deliver solar systems that offer lasting benefits from clean and sustainable energy.

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