Photon Energy Case Study

Rooftop PV Systems for Three Business Parks

Bratislava, Trnava and Žilina, Slovakia

On-site solar power for the largest industrial property developer in Central and Eastern Europe.




May - Septmeber 2022

Key Numbers


Rooftop Installations

407.68 kWp

Bratislava Capacity

354.90 kWp

Trnava Capacity

499.59 kWp

Žilina Capacity

Up to 1,39 GWh

Combined Annual Production

Up to 395 tCO2e

Avoided Annual Emissions

The Challenge

CTP is the largest industrial property developer in Central and Eastern Europe. It builds, owns and operates industrial and logistic parks across the region and provides full facility services to its tenants. 

Since its foundation in 1998, CTP has been committed to sustainability and the widest possible application of green solutions in its activities. 

Its portfolio is fully BREEAM-certified (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and CTP has set a goal of becoming fully carbon neutral by 2023. 

With this in mind, the company launched its ‘Off-grid 2025’ initiative, which aims to convert the biggest industrial parks within its portfolio (known as CTParks) into ‘island systems’. 

Combining photovoltaics and green hydrogen energy storage, these systems will make the parks not just energy-neutral, but actually ‘energy-positive’. Excess energy can be transferred to other CTParks or to other energy consumers. 

As part of this initiative, CTP began the development of solar power plants for three CTParks in the Slovakia. The team at Photon Energy were selected to partner with CTP on this exciting project. 

The Solution

A solid partnership was the foundation of these projects. We worked very closely with the team at CTP, as both organisations were involved in the construction of the three power plants. The AC connections were handled by CTP itself and the DC components by Photon Energy. 

The three plants were built on the rooftops of CTParks in the cities of Bratislava, Trnava and Žilina. As newly built facilities, these buildings were constructed ‘solar ready’, with PV power in mind. The installation of each plant began soon after the site handovers between February and June 2022, and were commissioned on 18 May, 24 May and 22 September, respectively. 

The combined capacity of the three plants is 1.26 MWp: 407.68 kWp at the CTPark in Bratislava, 354.90 kWp in Trnava and 499.59 kWp in Žilina. 

These projects presented an excellent opportunity for us to take part in a unique, fruitful collaboration and demonstrate our ability to deliver on-schedule and within budget. 

The three installations will now help CTP achieve its goal of carbon neutrality while delivering clean energy to its tenants and mitigating against fluctuating energy costs.

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Solutions in Action

The three installations will help CTP meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral, lower its tenants’ operational costs and provide them with a viable source of renewable energy for their own sustainability goals.

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