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Demand Side Response

Profit risk-free from possible energy reduction.

Demand Side Response

Earn money and support energy security. 

Our DSR program can provide you with guaranteed earnings in exchange for readiness to temporarily reduce or postpone your power consumption.

Key Features

Energy security and risk-free earnings.

Additional Revenue

Earn money for temporarily reducing or postponing energy consumption.

No Additional Costs

Join our DSR program without any up-front financial investment.

No Penalties

No penalties if you are unable to reduce your energy use.

Energy Consumption Data

Access detailed information about your energy use to help increase energy efficiency.

Meet Sustainablity Targets

Reduce consumption and incorporate renewable energy into your power supply.

Help Balance the Grid

Contribute to a stable supply of energy for your company, your community and the country.

What is DSR?

Support energy security and optimise energy use. 

Demand Side Response programs help to ensure a stable, consistent electricity supply while making energy use more sustainable and affordable. 

Normally, during periods of peak demand, the electricity grid increases its supply of energy. However, this can cause various issues. The grid could become overloaded, causing brownouts or blackouts. And frequent periods of excess demand creates the need for costly upgrades to energy infrastructure. 

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DSR programs offer a solution. Through DSR, these periods of peak demand are managed from the consumer’s side. So rather than the energy supply being increased, energy use is decreased. 

DSR can also help integrate renewable energy sources into the grid. Energy from sources like solar is clean and sustainable, but not always predictable. By using DSR to shift periods of high energy consumption and storage to times when renewable sources are most productive, we can optimise the use of renewables and make them more accessible to everyone. 

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How It Works

1. Consult with Us

We’ll analyse your energy needs and capabilities, and work together to develop an agreement that works for you. 

This will include a specific plan for energy reduction, such as using on-site power storage or switching off certain equipment, so you’ll know exactly what to do when you receive a request to reduce your energy use.

2. Receive a Request

During periods of peak energy needs, we'll contact you to with a request to reduce consumption for a specified period of time.

3. Reduce Energy Use

Follow our pre-agreed plan to reduce your energy consumption.

If you can’t reduce your use during the specified period – no problem. There are no penalties in our DSR program.

4. Receive Payment

We’ll reimburse you for any energy reductions based on your pre-agreed terms.

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Complete Solutions for Businesses

Along with our DSR program, we offer comprehensive clean energy solutions for businesses, customised to meet your needs.

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