Renewable Energy for Businesses

Comprehensive solar power and energy management solutions.


Optimised energy use for maximised savings.

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our renewable energy solutions are customised to meet your needs and sustainability goals. Through comprehensive solutions including on-site solar power, energy management and DSR programs, we can help your businesses benefit from the energy transition.

Key Benefits

Take control of your energy future.

Reduce costs and earn money.

Strengthen your energy independence.

Contribute to a more sustainable world.

Key Features

Every business is unique. So are our solutions.


Solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.


Products and services can be combined into comprehensive packages.


First-class components and intelligent software.


Demand Side Response

In exhange for readiness to temporarily reduce your power usage, you can contribute to the country’s energy security while earning surplus income.


Energy Management

Our Energy Management System analyses and optimises energy consumption to help you improve energy efficiency and save on electrcity bills.


Energy Supply

Through our Virtual Power Plant, we can ensure a reliable supply of clean energy exclusively from renewable sources such as solar, wind and biogas.


On-site Solar Power

By optimising your property with on-site PV, you can increase energy indepenence through the generation and storage of clean energy. And by connecting to our Virtual Power Plant, you can create a whole new revenue stream through the sale of surplus energy.

Why Lerta?

We have a proven track record.

Founded in 2016, Lerta has quickly grown to become an industry leader on the Polish renewable energy market. We are now the third largest DR aggregator in Poland. 

Our photovoltaic solutions are powered by Photon Energy.

With over 15 years of experience in the solar power industry, Photon Energy has built both large-scale and on-site PV installations with a total capacity of over 120 MWp

They are also an independent power producer: Photon Energy’s portfolio of PV power plants includes a compined capacity of over 90 MWp, with over 930 MWp currently under development. 

We're part of Photon Energy Group.

Photon Energy Group delivers clean energy and water solutions in Poland and around the world. A publicly listed company, Photon Energy Group’s shares are traded on the Warsaw, Prague and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.


Photon Energy Case Studies

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