Lerta Energy Intelligence

Up to 41% lower energy bills

An energy management system provides comprehensive knowledge of your company's energy use, shows where it is possible to make improvement and savings, and intelligently manages energy-consuming processes, saving your time and money.

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Self-learning system

Algorithms, which use artificial intelligence, can predict and optimise an energy consumption considering many variables and factors

Measurement of consumption

The system of remote metering devices in combination with intelligent sensors monitors energy consumption and sends data to the cloud or a dedicated server.
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Intelligent control

The control application allows you to remotely control air conditioner, heaters, production machines etc. with the use of browser or smartphone.

Find out how do you consume energy in your company and save between 0 and up to 41% on your energy expenses.

Lerta Energy Intelligence is:

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"Capacity fee" module

"Capacity fee" module presents the daily ratio of energy consumed during peak hours (7-22) and off-peak (working days only). This allows you to manage the production schedule in a way to obtain the greatest decrease in the capacity fee.
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Access to energy consumption data

Knowledge how energy is consumed - facilitates you to better arrangement of savings, calculate costs, schedule investments to raise energy efficiency.
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Optimisation of production costs

System enables you to manage energy in a company and reduce the costs of certain production processes. Precise measurement helps to calculate the unit to production price of a product.
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Lower energy consumption fee

Due to intelligent management of energy-consuming equipment, the system reduces operating costs by up to 41% in industrial companies, office buildings, shopping malls, aquaparks, hotels, restaurants, etc.
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Veritable consumption - precise management

System allows costs to be fairly shared between tenants and documented, without the need to apportion charges based on proportional use of space.
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Production process monitoring

The measurement of individual machines gives information about the energy they generate, as well as when they were in operation. The system monitors contracted power and sends information when it is exceedede.g. via SMS or e-mail.

Lerta Energy Intelligence is a hardware and IT platform integrating all the measuring and installation controlling devices in buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. It allows for precise measurement of energy consumption, intelligent device control and as a result - reducing expenses on electricity and heating by up to 41%. In addition, it minimises the carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions.

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Marcin Sajkiewicz

Sales Manager, Industry Poland

Ask about Lerta Energy Intelligence

Do you have doubts whether a management system is for you? I would be happy to provide a cost-eficiency analysis of Lerta Energy Intelligence in your company. I will advise on the configuration of the system and its integration with the Lerta Virtual Power Plant in order to use it to increase revenue, i.a. due to participation in the DSR programme.

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Polsonic has a multistorey office building which is leased to a large number of institutional tenants. The companies work at different office hours and the actual working hours are between 7 am and 8pm from Monday to Friday. Occasionally, some tenants work also on Saturday. The building is not new and the heating control was conducted by a controller on the gas furnace that turned it on and off at the specific hours.

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