Lerta secures PLN 21M contract and records five-fold growth of business

Borys Tomala

Lerta secures PLN 21M contract and records five-fold growth of business

  • During the main auction for 2026, Lerta secured capacity contracts worth nearly PLN 21 million net.
  • The company’s Demand Side Response units (DSR) contracted 52 MW of the annual capacity obligation at the price of PLN 400.39/kW/year.
  • Today, the company aggregates almost 100 industrial consumers with a total reduction capacity of over 50 MW, an increase of 400% y/y.

Lerta, the European Virtual Power Plant operator is expanding its portfolio of contracts for the supply of energy flexibility within the Polish capacity market. New contracts with a record value of over PLN 400,000 per MW/year strengthen Lerta’s position as one of the leading aggregators operating in Poland.

During the main auction for the delivery year 2026, which took place on December 16, 2021, Lerta’s DSR units concluded annual capacity market contracts for a total of 52 MW at the price of PLN 400.39/kW/year. This is a record price on the Polish market, which will translate into almost PLN 21 million in additional revenues for the Company. A large part of this amount will go to the aggregator’s partners – industrial consumers, who agree to stay ready for a short-term reduction in power consumption from the grid at the operator’s request.
Our strategy for acquiring capacity contracts is based on additional auctions so far, but we are very happy that we contracted 52 MW also at the main auction, especially since the contracts obtained are characterized by a record price, significantly higher than the historical ones’ – says Borys Tomala, Lerta founder & CEO. – ‘However, this is a small part of the volume we plan to offer in 2026, and we already have the contracted amount of power today. The goal is about 10 times more’ – emphasizes Lerta CEO.

Growth fueled by a unique offer

In November this year, the Company passed the official DSR tests carried out at the request of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (Polish TSO), under which an additional 45 MW of capacity for 2022 have been confirmed. Together with the other Lerta units, this gives over 50 MW, which will be ready to support the power system from January to December 2022. This is a 5-fold increase compared to 2021, when the Company had only 10.5 MW of contracts (for DSR and generation units).
‘The dynamic growth of our portfolio, in which we already aggregate almost 100 industrial consumers, confirms that we are an important aggregator on the Polish market. We are already number 3 today, but we have the ambition to jump to a higher position’ – adds Borys Tomala – ‘We are helped in this by modern technology and a constantly expanded comprehensive offer. Thanks to the recently obtained electricity trading license, we will soon offer industrial customers a unique bundle of active participation in the energy market, including: utilization of DSR on the capacity market, as part of balancing services (stabilizing the grid) and supply of green energy.

Independent aggregator

Lerta is a Polish energy startup which so far have been invested by, among others PGE Ventures fund owned by Polska Grupa Energetyczna (WSE: PGE) and Photon Energy Group (WSE: PEN). However, the company remains an independent and private entity, which does not prevent it from competing with aggregators belonging to large state-owned companies (Polish Orlen and Italian Enel). It builds its competitive advantage, among others using proprietary technology – each Lerta customer receives free access to the energy management system from the aggregator, which not only improves DSR calls, but also helps customers reduce energy costs. With the next system update, scheduled for the beginning of January, Lerta will provide all customers with a set of new functions enabling a significant reduction of the capacity fee, which from January 2022 will amount to as much as PLN 102.60/MWh.

Media contact:

Piotr Michalak

E-mail: piotr.michalak@lerta.energy

tel. +48 697 884 559

About Lerta – www.lerta.energy

Lerta is a company that develops modern energy services. The company helps consumers and producers of energy effectively manage its production and consumption, and thanks to the automation of supply and demand control, additionally monetize the possibility of adjusting the operation of assets to the market requirements in real time. Lerta’s actions help minimize the carbon footprint, increase green energy production and protect the planet. In 2016, Lerta was named one of the 30 best young energy and technology companies in the world by experts and investors from the Silicon Valley. In 2017, the company completed the prestigious MIT Enterprise Forum Poland acceleration program, and in 2018 PGE Ventures (belonging to Polska Grupa Energetyczna) and ValueTech Seed invested in it. Since 2019 Lerta is one of the DSR aggregators operating on the Polish market and the only one independent of state-owned energy groups. In 2020 the company took over Power Block – a competitive aggregator with contracts on the Capacity Market, and the group of investors was joined by the Photon Energy Group, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2021, the Company has been authorized to trade electricity in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.


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